Winter Warmer Project

It’s winter and now is when children who are experiencing extreme disadvantage and do not have adequate school uniform or shoes feel the cold the most. Since 1930, SSR have been supporting children and families who cannot access quality clothing and footwear due to circumstances like poverty, homelessness, family violence and natural disasters. Last financial year they assisted 84% of secondary schools and 40% of primary schools; resulting in 10,463 requests for assistance. SSR are a charity that exists to support government school students in need and rely solely on donations from schools, individuals and businesses.

3 thoughts on “Winter Warmer Project

  1. Well done guys, I hope lots of people get behind you and support this great cause!

  2. Dear Woolsthorpe PS Students,
    I watched your video today and thought it was fantastic. I think that this is a great cause, so I decided to help you out a bit. I have sent a tweet to all my teacher friends and I have posted your video on my face book wall for all my friends to watch. I hope that some of them help you out with a donation.

    I would like to donate for two reasons. 1) It’s a great cause. 2) You have taken the time to think outside the square about how you can use technology to help others! Congratulations.

    Keep up the great work. I have sent an e-mail to the school asking how I can donate!

    Nigel Holloway.

  3. Thanks Steve and Nigel for your comments and feedback on our blog.
    The students are very excited about the project are learning lots as they go. This project means a lot to the students and has engaged them in conversations and action with friends and community members. The challenge now is to get business to donate.

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