Well, as another school year draws to a close and I sit down to reflect on the year, I am reminded of the many fantastic programs and new initiatives that have happened here at Woolsthorpe Primary School in 2012. Like all school years there are so many highlights to cover and I’m sure I will miss things that have happened throughout this very busy and productive year.

The beginning of the year saw our school review take place. This was a useful process in which staff, students and parents had a chance to review our last four years and plan the next level of work for our school. The overwhelming message from the school review was, as a community we must continue to learn and challenge each other when it comes to providing the best possible education for our students. The review clearly identified our unique community culture and mentioned the dedicated staff and parents who work together to make our school the best possible learning environment for our students. Overwhelmingly the evidence shows students feel safe and engaged in their learning at school. This reiterates many of the key messages we try to install in our students about Respect, Excellence, Care and Teamwork. In 2013 we will continue to look at ways of improving and with the excitement of the new school buildings upon us, things look very positive.

Every year there are different highlights and sometimes challenges, which as a school community we have embraced. I am proud to say this year has been no different. Our trip to Annie, sports days and student leadership projects, kitchen garden, camps and excursions, swimming,  the Garden Awards, our move into the portables and the beginning of the new school are just a few of the highlights this year.

I am always so proud of the community spirit and culture we have at our school. Parents and Staff work hard together in partnerships to ensure students have the best possible learning experiences. As a learning community we strive to provide a dynamic learning environment that engages students who work to achieve their personal best in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. It is our intention to promote the values of Respect, Excellence, Care and Teamwork. In 2012 we have consolidated these values through our House System in which students take responsibility for their actions and are active in promoting excellence in all areas…… READ ON SEE OUR NEWSLETTER WEEK 10

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