Learning in the Ideal School

The world today has become smaller than ever thanks to the advances of technology. Learning in today’s world means that students must be equipped with the necessary skills to navigate their way through a technology-based environment. Teaching must change and adapt to suit the environment and the learner. We must be flexible in our approach to how we engage leaners, and inspire creativity.

Students learn how to learn by engaging in the learning process. We use discovery learning time and all curriculum areas as a way to focus and embed our learning process here at Woolsthorpe.

At Woolsthorpe Our Learning Process model is designed to be a simple common language that all students can understand and use. Students can identify and describe which part of the Learning Process they are in and why they are there. Our learner traits are important skills, which students can draw upon when they are in any part of the Learning Process to overcome obstacles and be the best learner that they can be.

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