Annual Report 2019

Annual Report snapshots 2019

We are proud of the achievements all our students are making in a variety of areas across the curriculum and we value the diverse range of opportunities our leaners have in Literacy, Numeracy, STEM, Creative Arts, Kitchen Garden,  Sports and various other topics. Using the school comparison measures, our teacher judgment data indicates that our students are working above the expected level in English and Mathematics.

Woolsthorpe Primary School students feel stimulated and motivated to learn.  They trust their teachers and feel supported in all areas of the school and their learning programs. Engagement across the school is extremely high for all learners as is evident in our student surveys. We are achieving well above state means and higher than all like schools in the Attitudes to School Survey. Our students feel connected in the community and at school. They have very strong relationships with their peers and other parents in the school community. Our attendance rate on average in 2019 was 92% for all students, meaning students want to come to school and parents ensure this happens. Student Engagement at Woolsthorpe is about giving students voice and choice in what and how they learn. Discovery Learning and the use of our Learning Process is one way we integrated curriculum through inquiry learning, where students explore Big Ideas and areas of interest and passion. Creative Arts, Money Maths, Maker Club, STEAM projects, student led projects, Kitchen Garden programs and Ground Force are just some of the unique experiences our learners have here at Woolsthorpe. Our curriculum provides all students with opportunities to learn by doing through a project based approach. Our school camps, excursions, Performing Arts visits and extra curricula activities create a school where learning is fun, authentic and a positive experience for all learners in our community (students, staff and parents).

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report snapshots  2018


Our school is small in size but thinks big in how we innovate and design learning and teaching programs for students. We have a dedicated team of teachers and support staff, who take on many leadership roles and responsibilities within the school. Staff support and care for each other and go above and beyond to ensure our students have the best possible learning opportunities. In 2018 we continued to strategically address student learning in all areas of the curriculum with a core focus on Literacy and Numeracy. Our school-based Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are the vehicle for purposeful and focused collaboration.

It is our school community culture that underpins everything we do. Staff work hard with all families to build close relationships. Our Parent Teacher Conferences provide parents excellent opportunities to form relationships with all staff at our school. Our Staff Opinion Survey data along with other qualitative measures in the school provides evidence of a high performance learning and improvement culture.

‘The teachers at this school are fantastic at communication with families and work hard to engage parents. The programs have an adequate level of physical education this year and we love they have a kitchen garden program as well as some opportunities with other areas of interest like basketball, cross country, public speaking, etc. the school is very friendly and inviting . The teachers engage the students and respect their opinions and try to help with their problems. I’m very happy with the school and would recommend it to other families’ – Parent Feedback