In 2017 our school went about designing our own community needs based Health and Wellbeing Plan.

A bottom up, whole school approach, guided by best practice and research, formed the basis of our plan design.

We engaged Danielle Gladman, a health promotion professional and parent in our community to co-design, over 6 months of consultation, a plan suited to our school needs. Danielle engaged all stakeholders, parents, staff and students in a process of design through surveys, forums and workshops. Our new plan aims to build a school community of students, staff and parents who are happy, healthy and resilient, able to cope within our every changing world and thrive in their lives.

The plan has 3 areas of focus; Resilience, Physical Activity and Mental Health promotion – see summary below

 Health and Wellbeing Plan Summary

The complete Health and Wellbeing Plan document maps out many of the programs we currently have in place and actions moving forward.

WPS Health and Wellbeing Plan

This year our specialist program has some new areas of focus. Students have specialist on one day and this covers Physical Education (Sport), Science and The Arts. The specialist program change with PE added, resulted from our work last year in designing a new Health and Wellbeing Plan.


We thank all of those who completed the health and wellbeing questionnaire and shared their perspectives. It was great to hear that we are already supporting your children’s wellbeing with our current programs, opportunities & learning. It was also great to hear what we could include/improve. Parent perspective is a valuable part of the process, for informing and developing our whole-of-school health and wellbeing plan. A plan that will guide our school’s focus in this area, for the next few years.