Student Leadership Team

As leaders of the school it will be our job to take care of our fellow classmates, our school environment and just naturally look after our school community we live in. At school we take part in and organise assemblies, school activities such as crazy hair days for cystic fibrosis, sausage sizzles and we also have dress up days. Being school captains and leaders of our school we are looking forward to planning activities with an aim to improve our school environment and make it the best it can be. As student leaders we take a roll in being a mentor for the younger kids at our school and show through our actions that we care and respect each others ideas and feelings. At our school we have 4 values that as students we work by Teamwork, Excellence, Respect and Care.

Respect– We take pride in how we treat each other in our work to create an environment of innovation and professionalism

Excellence– We aim high and strive for excellence as a team and support each others ideas

Care– We show through our actions that we care and provide a safe learning community for all members to achieve their best

Teamwork– We are committed and dedicated to self improvement and learning by working in teams across the school to achieve this

Student Leaders Congress 2017 – DIS Project

As student leaders we are working towards making our school community a happier, healthier and more resilient community. We wanted to implement strategies that will have a positive and sustainable impact on the wellbeing of our school community. Over the year we will be working on three elements of wellbeing, MINDFULNESS, GRATITUDE and EMPATHY. The aim of the ‘dis project’ is to equip our school community with strategies and tools to be more mindful, grateful and empathetic which in turn will result in a more resilient school community.

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