The world today has become smaller than ever thanks to the advances of technology. Learning in today’s world means that students must be equipped with the necessary skills to navigate their way through a technology-based environment. Teaching must change and adapt to suit the environment and the learner. We must be flexible in our approach.

LEARNING VISION LOGO 1Our Learning Process is designed to be a simple model using common language that all students can understand and use. Students can identify and describe which part of the Learning Process they are in and why they are there. Students learn how to learn by engaging in the learning process and the learner traits.

Our Learning Process book created in term 4 last year has now been published online and can be download by parents for free from the iBook’s store. iTunes Book store link https://itun.es/au/6R8e5.l

Our learner traits are important skills, which students can draw upon when they are in any part of the Learning Process to overcome obstacles and be the best learner that they can be.

Learning in an Ideal School from Simon on Vimeo.

Discovery Time, Creative Arts, Science, Kitchen Garden, Money Maths and Ground Force are just some of the programs run at Woolsthorpe, which allow students to apply and practise skills such as creativity and initiative, numeracy skills like LEARNING VISION LOGO 2measuring, weighing and counting in real-life applications. By teaching the students how to justify, articulate and record their thinking processes we are encouraging students to value the process not just the end product. When students can adapt the known to the unknown and transfer learning from one context to another, they are demonstrating their ability to use their knowledge and skills in multiple situations.

The leaner traits & process help us as a learning community build a common language around what key skills leaners need, in order to live and work in todays fast paced and ever changing world.

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iTunes Book store link https://itun.es/au/6R8e5.l

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