Welcome to the new and returning families. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the Parents and Friends Association. The Association, referred to as the PFA, is all about our kids at Woolsthorpe Primary School. We fundraise, we offer our help and we organize activities and participate   wherever possible.

We are a small school but our strong family and community involvement is outstanding to say the least. This is a great thing for us, for you and most importantly for our kids—your kids!


Every two years our school holds a Country Fair.  This helps bring the school and local communities together.  It’s amazing what a small community can achieve.  In 2009 we raised $14,500 and in 2011 over $16,000.  Our       pancakes bring in excess of $10,000 and that’s usually just from the markets in January, not a bad way to start the year. We raise lots of money for our kids and therefore need your support to keep this going. It is fun volunteering with the other families serving our famous pancakes to local communities. It’s a great way to meet other mums and dads.


  • Sell pancakes in the surrounding district
  • Subsidise school excursions, camps or other activities as required
  • Organise heat up days
  • Supply goods for BBQs for various functions throughout the year
  • Support Santa in delivering goodies
  • Run school discos
  • Organise and offer Mothers/Father’s Day presents
  • PFA supply the BBQ at the sports day in Term 1, this is a fantastic fun day and a great opportunity to meet your child’s new school friends and teachers.


We know how precious time is and that is why we need your help. We don’t hold a multitude of fundraising drives because we don’t need to!  All we ask is that each family helps out with a shift at the pancakes each year cook a BBQ; attend a meeting or being there to offer your help for something else


Are held once or twice a term are very informal and friendly. We usually have a dinner meeting once or twice a year.  Items discussed include…Events, Rosters, Success and Celebrations, Ideas, SupportLots of fun to be involved so please join in and enjoy your time at our wonderful school


For years Woolsthorpe Primary School has sold their famous pancakes at local Festivals and Markets.  Over time we have had to expand our pancake facilities due to our popularity.  We now have a fully equipped trailer that is taken to the site, we set up a tent, fire up the BBQ and produce mouth-watering and now ‘AWARD WINNING’ pancakes.  We offer Strawberries and Cream, Apple Cinnamon, Lemon & Sugar, Flavoured Topping or a combination of them all.  They are so mouth-watering, people return to us year after year.

Festivals and Markets we attend:

  • Port Fairy Folk Festival
  • Koroit Irish Festival
  • Warrnambool Lake Pertobe January Markets
  • Port Fairy Caravan Parks, breakfast