Our school has continued our journey of innovation and creativity when it comes to learning with iPad and technology. We are a 1-to1 iPad school with all staff and students using iPad, Macs and Apple Technology to transform learning and teaching. Our new school was built in 2013, with the latest technology and learning spaces, where teachers work in collaborative teams to personalise learning for all students. iPad technology is embedded, almost invisible, in all areas of learning and is strategically used to enhance learning experience. One of the projects we are currently helping lead here in the Southwest of Victoria is the South West Maker Fest. A 2 year project heading into year 3 in 2019. This Community of Practice Collaboration of school leaders, Principals, Southwest TAFE staff, local Council form our team of the Southwest Maker Fest steering committee.


Maker Fest as a project is challenging learning organisations to think differently about how they deliver curriculum and design learning for students so the skills they acquire are relevant for the world and workforce of today. The Maker Fest event itself is a celebration of innovation, creativity and design. The day is for students to share their learning and knowledge. The idea of ‘kids teaching kids’ and other ‘adults’ through a STEAM/Maker ED learning lens embraces students voice and agency, empowers them to be leaders of learning with iPad and other technologies while showcasing students talents, passions and skills.


Makers Fest Program 2018


  • Provides opportunities for local schools/students/industry/tinkers/makers/TAFE to shine and showcase their talents, to learn and relearn new ideas.
  • Challenges dated and traditional thinking about learning and educational pathways.
  • Showcases local schools, their innovative teaching and learning practices with iPad and other learning technologies.
  • Challenges community and industry when thinking about STEAM and innovation in the workplace.
  • Challenges rural isolation factors by bringing people, experts and skills to our local area as part of this event.
  • Puts Southwest of Victoria on the map in terms of innovation and quality education.
  • Challenges local educational institutions to ‘think different’ about learning and teaching in the 21st Century.
  • Engages students in learning, to stay in school and educational pathways where STEAM and innovation are creating jobs of the future.
  • Brings STEAM and Maker Ed to life in the Southwest for the whole community to see.